Container Monitoring for Your Successful Business

Container monitoring has become a method in the world of technology, its implementation can help improve your business operations.

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Having a company that continues to grow in the digital era certainly requires an optimal and reliable server for the entire company. Keeping all resources in the application optimized can support business development, innovation, and scalability needed in the ever-changing digital world. herefore, container monitoring is needed to maintain the sustainability and optimal performance of applications in a company.

Today, there are container-based servers and applications such as Docker that are used as the main foundation of business operations. However, without proper monitoring, managing and maintaining these containers can be a very complex task. In this article, we will explain what container monitoring is and how it can improve the performance, security, and readiness of your business in this digital era.

What is Container Monitoring?

Container monitoring is the activity of continuously collecting metrics and monitoring the environment for containerized applications and microservices, to improve their performance and ensure they run smoothly. Containers have become one of the most popular ways to distribute applications as they have advantages such as making it easier for companies to improve application access availability and operational resilience.

How does Container Monitoring Work?

Monitoring that covers the entire container will pay attention to the different layers within it and what each layer needs to function properly. The principle of containerized application monitoring is similar to conventional application monitoring. Data from various components in the system is required for various purposes. To improve resource management, such as scaling operations, you need to measure and collect metrics data at the container level and the underlying infrastructure.

Container monitoring involves measuring basic metrics such as memory usage, CPU usage, CPU limits, and memory limits. In addition, container monitoring also provides real-time log streaming, tracking, and observation services that are essential for container management. This data can guide IT teams to determine when to scale up and can also be applied to application security monitoring.

Why use Container Monitoring?

With the expansion of the digital era and the use of containers, new problems arise that can potentially cause a decrease in productivity or financial loss to the company. Therefore, monitoring can help identify performance issues, software errors, and security incidents early, and provide teams with the necessary information to address the issues.

Implementing container monitoring can provide many benefits such as expanding knowledge about metrics, logs, and traces on containerized applications. In addition, companies can make more informed decisions about when to add/reduce tasks and understand what is happening not only at the cluster or host level but also within the container runtime and application.

Need a Container Monitoring Solution?

Container monitoring applications usually provide user-friendly features and capabilities such as dashboards, data and architecture visualization, anomaly detection, alerts on what is happening in the container environment, and automation of container monitoring (real-time). If you are interested in using a container monitoring application, we have a recommendation for you.

Netmonk Prime has a server monitoring module with container monitoring solutions that can provide many benefits for your company. The container monitoring solution from Netmonk Prime can provide info on hostname, container status, uptime, CPU usage, memory usage and data network. In addition, other excellent features are real-time monitoring, proactive notifications, and reports that can be downloaded in PDF format. Very helpful, right? Let’s use container monitoring for your company now!


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