5 Companies that should implement network monitoring tools

Network monitoring is an important activity. However, do you know which companies should implement network monitoring tools? Find out by reading the article below.

Network monitoring tools are used to monitor network devices, especially in large companies that require network support in every operational activity. These activities include queuing systems, WIFI connections, and so on. Why is network monitoring important? This is because companies can know the performance of network devices and can predict when problems will occur so as to prevent system downtime which can disrupt end-users.

It’s different again if the company still uses the manual method, which consumes energy and time. This manual method requires the network IT team to wait for the network device to turn off before taking action. Therefore, large companies, especially those with many branches, should implement network monitoring tools. So what are examples of these companies? Check out the explanations and examples of the following cases.

1. Banking

Why are banks one of the companies that should implement network monitoring tools? As we know, banking has many branches in several cities and regions. In addition, the network is also needed to run its operational system. The trend of mobile banking is also the reason why banks should implement network monitoring tools in their companies.

2. Educational Institutions

Educational institutions such as schools or universities also need networks for teaching needs such as online final school exams, school registration, filling out KRS, and others. In order for this process or activity to run smoothly and properly monitored, of course, proper network monitoring tools are needed.

3. Government

The need for a network is undeniably very much needed by various groups including government agencies. For example, Disdukcapil uses the network for ticketing needs in population administration and civil registration activities.

4. Hospitality

The next company that should implement a network monitoring tool is hospitality. We all know that well-known hotels have branches in several places and the network is also used in their operational activities such as providing WIFI networks.

5. Retail

Retail companies such as minimarkets have many branches which automatically network is indispensable in daily operational activities. In retail, a network is needed during buying and selling transactions, such as checking prices and making payments through the cashier. When these network devices are not monitored properly, problems can occur, such as network errors that result in disrupted activities at the cashier and queues piling up.

Those are some companies or agencies that should implement network monitoring tools and from many network monitoring providers, Netmonk Prime can be the right choice for solutions to network monitoring needs in companies and has 3 excellent features such as proactive notification, predictive analysis, and reporting in PDF that can support remote monitoring of the company. More than 15 companies have proven it. Now is the time for your company!

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