5 Important Reasons for Server Monitoring for Digital Businesses

When everything is digital, it is important to maintain the performance of your digital business. Server monitoring is needed as one of the keys to a successful digital business.


Server monitoring is one of the keys to success in running a digital business. Keep in mind that a digital business is a business that utilizes digital technology to create uniqueness in business models to customer experience. In the digital era that dominates almost every aspect of our lives, digital businesses need reliable and efficient servers to maintain smooth operations. In this article, we will explore how digital businesses are evolving today and five reasons why server monitoring is so important for digital businesses.

What is the current Digital Business Trend?

As time goes by, digital business trends are highly developed globally. In the digital era 4.0, various digital businesses continue to innovate to provide the best services for the community. Various digital business trends that are currently developing are commerce, education technology (ed-tech), creative industries, digital health services, digital banking services, and various other digital business applications.

Quoted from Statista, digital transformation globally has spent 1.85 trillion US dollars in 2022 and increased in 2023 to 2.16 trillion US dollars. This increase is predicted to continue to grow until 2026 at 3.4 trillion US dollars. These increasing funds prove that digital transformation planning has been carried out on a large scale. Therefore, it is time for companies to actively keep up with digital business trends.

How to Maximize Digital Business with Server Monitoring?

For those of you who have a company with a business that has become digital, keeping the service optimized is one of the main things. Don’t let your company’s digital business services experience problems such as inaccessibility or downtime. This needs to be considered because if your company’s services cannot be accessed by users, it will result in a loss of customer trust.

The way you can implement to maximize digital-based business in your company is to use server monitoring. Why does it have to be server monitoring? With server monitoring, your company will always be ready to go digital with a server that is always maintained and monitored. To be more specific, here we provide 5 reasons why server monitoring is important for digital businesses.

5 Important Reasons for Server Monitoring for Digital Business

Here we summarize 5 important reasons why your digital business needs server monitoring:

1. Increased Security

Server monitoring can increase security for your company’s digital business by providing close monitoring of suspicious activity or potential cyberattacks.  In a risky digital world, server monitoring is a crucial additional layer of defense to protect your digital business from ever-evolving cyber threats.

2. Preventing Big Problems

The use of server monitoring will help prevent small problems from becoming bigger problems. By monitoring server performance continuously, you can detect potential disruptions or performance degradation early on. This allows your company’s IT team to take preventive action before the problem develops into a major disruption that can disrupt services, harm business reputation, and result in significant financial losses.  

3. More Efficient in Fixing Problems

Sometimes, problems on the server can occur suddenly so the IT team takes a long time to find ways to fix it. In fact, by using server monitoring, fixing the problem will be faster because the problem analysis on the server will be done automatically. This not only saves time but also increases efficiency by reducing repair and recovery costs after a problem occurs.

4. Ease of Network Management

Server monitoring also makes it easy to manage your digital business network. By monitoring server performance continuously, you can see usage trends, predict required capacity, and plan infrastructure upgrades promptly. With accurate and real-time data on server performance, you can make smarter decisions in managing your network, improving productivity and operational costs.

5. Reports on Server Condition

Server monitoring also provides benefits through the provision of reports on server conditions. With regular reports covering the performance, resource usage, and events recorded on your server, you have a clear view of how servers in your company are performing over time.

Improve Digital Business with Server Monitoring Tool

Besides being important, server monitoring can also increase the success of digital businesses by using the right server monitoring tool. If you need a server monitoring tool that can provide benefits like the 5 reasons above, we can recommend our flagship product, Netmonk Prime, which has three modules at once, including server monitoring, web/API monitoring, and network monitoring.

In using the Netmonk Prime server monitoring module, you can monitor server conditions in detail or simply in just one dashboard. In addition, other leading features are real-time monitoring, proactive notifications, and reports that can be downloaded regularly in PDF form. Don’t let your digital business be disrupted just because your server is not optimal, use a server monitoring tool now!




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