Netmonk Custom as a monitoring solution for Dukcapil

How about Netmonk Custom as a monitoring solution for Dukcapil?

During its 3 years of existence, Netmonk has always wanted to provide convenience in network monitoring through the solutions it has tried to provide. In the digital era where everything is easy, it feels like manually monitoring the network is not the right way in this all-instantaneous era. Services such as queuing at banks, making ID cards at Dukcapil, and similar services if a problem will certainly affect all customers in all branches.

Starting from this problem, Instansi Pemerintahan Dinas Kependudukan dan Pencatatan Sipil (government agencies of the Department of Population and Civil Registration) contacted Netmonk to ask for the best solution. After a long discussion finally agreed to choose Netmonk Custom as the solution of choice.

What is Netmonk Custom?

In Netmonk, there are two solutions, Netmonk, namely Netmonk Basic + Custom Built, which is a solution made with a custom approach from the main features of Netmonk Basic to suit the culture of your organization/company. Furthermore, there is a Full Custom Built which is a solution that we created to solve the unique problems of your organization/company that are still related to monitoring and analyzing network infrastructure.

So, if you don’t find and or don’t need the features and functions that are in our Netmonk Basic product, you can try one of the solutions provided by Netmonk above as did Disdukcapil.

What has the Netmonk Custom service solved for Dukcapil?

Netmonk helps in automatic reporting. The point is that the reporting process, which was initially done manually, now Netmonk makes network performance audit reports in thousands of offices automated and serves as a report for the responsible party for the justification of IT spending in organizations. Not only that, the data is processed to make it more informative for strategic planning related to providers (to find out the internet performance provided by the provider) and also to improve internet performance in Dukcapil as a preventive measure from interference in maintaining internet performance.

Those are some solutions provided by Netmonk Custom for Dukcapil. However, these solutions are not only for Dukcapil but for all companies that have many branches and thousands of offices in various regions because it greatly facilitates corporate IT teams in network monitoring.

If you are curious and interested in knowing more about what Netmonk can solve, you can try Netmonk Demo by requesting it on the main page of our website. After requesting access, you will get a username and password sent directly to your e-mail. After successfully logging in, you can simply see how Netmonk works there. If you want to ask more about Netmonk please contact our marketing team here. Our team is always happy to help you.

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