There is Something New on Netmonk Website

To provide better monitoring services and solutions, Netmonk comes with a new website interface that is different from before.

NetMonk is a startup that focuses on developing network monitoring based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded in 2017, now it has been 3 years together with Indonesia to always strive to provide the best solution and convenience in network monitoring to the companies. With easy access to the network and the impact of digitalization, we always strive to continue to innovate in developing features and services to provide satisfaction for our customers.

As per the title of this article, we are trying to make the above statement come true by offering other conveniences through our website. What’s on the newest Netmonk website? About a week ago, the official Netmonk website has launched a new store that is fresher and provides options for easier and more practical purchase and payment procedures. Indeed, what is the difference between the old website and the new one?

The first thing is, of course, the appearance of the website is more attractive, clean, and all purchase and payment transactions can be done easily with just a click. The description of each Netmonk product and solution is also explained clearly and in more detail. When compared to the old Netmonk website, of course you will see a clear difference between the two. But even though we will implement this system in the future, offline activities such as meetings for further needs related to purchases and cooperation are still being carried out.

Is there anything different from Netmonk Features?

Of course not, we just made changes to the appearance of the website and implemented a new, easier buying and payment system. Meanwhile, Netmonk’s features are still constant, but we are trying to innovate and try to provide the best solution. Our features such as managerial dashboard, operational dashboard, real-time notification, predictive analysis, and customization are still our top features that you can consider when choosing Netmonk as a monitoring solution for your company.

Through this step, we hope to continue to provide the best service and solutions for you. You can see the latest Netmonk website appearance by visiting our website here. Meanwhile, the new purchasing and payment system will only be active and can be used on our website starting in March.

Hopefully, the steps we have taken can provide convenience and solutions for all of you.

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